Work package 3

University of Groningen

Frans Sijtsma

Frans Sijtsma
Michiel Daams
Nora Mehnen
Minne Oostra (OF)
Marien de Bakker
Hans van Oostenbrugge (LEI)
Lourens Broersma

Humans in the environment

What drives the socio-economic development of the Wadden Sea area and what are the effects of (new) economic activities on the ecosystem? What are the implications of population decline for the quality of life in villages? How can sustainable development be stimulated?

Answers will be provided by analyses of: 1) spatial, economic and social development models, 2) current monitoring practicis and 3) the actual and potential areas of friction between economy and ecology.

Norbert Dankers Erik van Dijk Norbert Dankers Foto is gemaakt door:  Bruno Ens,  Sovon.

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