An integrated monitoring network
for the entire Wadden Sea area

WaLTER, Wadden Sea Long-Term Ecosystem Research, is an initiative of a number of institutes and organisations that carry out long-term measurements and research in the Wadden Sea area. With WaLTER existing research and monitoring programmes will be improved, possible gaps in the current monitoring network will be filled, and new and existing data will be made more readily accessible. The project is financed by the Waddenfonds with supporting  contributions from the Provinces of Noord-Holland and Fryslân.

Wadden stories

Sytze Braaksma
It is good that the first steps have been taken

Mud movies

Vania Freitas a.o.
What lives in the open Wadden Sea

Imaging data

Eelke Folmer
Mussel bed dynamics in Zoutkamperlaag

Norbert Dankers Erik van Dijk Norbert Dankers Foto is gemaakt door:  Bruno Ens,  Sovon.

Following in WaLTER's footsteps

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